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There he encounters two security guards that resemble Nappa named Kang and Kong. They explain that the Hero Lab is top secret and show him to it. There Beat encounters a girl named Note who is revealed to have been recruited by Great Saiyaman 3 though she refers to him simply as Master and explains it is short for Hero Master which is a nickname for him created by the locals which was shortened further to just Master as Great Saiyaman 3 is too long to say.

Great Saiyaman 3 appears and explains that Beat and Note will be working together. He gives them bracelet like devices called Hero Switches which he explains will allow them to enter the game world.

Due to Beat being a novice, Note wants to battle with him despite their Master’s objections, explaining that it would be a good chance to bond and get to know each other. Great Saiyaman 3 agrees and has the two use the Hero Switches to enter the game world. In the game world, Beat and Note take on the appearance of their Hero Avatars Beat’s selected default Avatar Race is a Male Saiyan specifically the Hero type by default though the player can choose a different race at the beginning and once they become available he can switch to an Elite and Berserker type avatars within their selected race as they are initially locked.

Great Saiyaman 3 contacts them and explains they are on Earth around the time of the fight with Raditz. Both they journey further, Note challenges Beat to a match which Beat eagerly accepts. After beating Note and her team, Note however rallies and attacks Beat.

Great Saiyaman 3 notes her tenacity, however Beat gets more excited and the two have another round. Beat wins again, but notices Note is recovering from the fight revealing that fighting in the game world is like fighting in the real world as they can feel pain and fatigue.

However Note soon recovers and the two continue onward to begin their investigation. As they go to where Great Saiyaman 3 directs them to, they find nothing at first but suddenly dark clouds fill the sky which they report to their Master. The clouds turn out to be an indication of an anomaly. Eventually Vegeta and Nappa appear which Great Saiyaman 3 reveals is too early as it is currently Age Vegeta and Nappa are soon joined by Raditz who is revealed to have narrowly avoided his death.

Additionally Turles is also present. Vegeta and Nappa criticize Raditz for his weakness, though Turles suggests that they not spoil their recent reunion of Saiyan survivors.

The Saiyans decide to fight Beat and Note as Kakarot is a no show. Beat or Note as she can be selected as a playable ally defeat the Saiyans, however Vegeta is still standing and reveals he’s been holding back. Great Saiyaman 3, Beat, and Note are shocked by this development which they conclude is the result of the anomaly.

This leads to a fight against Super Saiyan 3 Prince Vegeta. However despite his strength, Beat and Note prevail, while Goku and the Z Fighters arrive to back them up. This unlocks a dimensional distortion which Beat and Note can enter in order to further explore and resolve the anomaly.

Deeper with the anomaly Nappa and Raditz return to assist Vegeta. The two end up ascending beyond Super Saiyan to their Super Saiyan 3 forms. Eventually they defeat the Nappa and Raditz who revert to base along with Vegeta.

Goku joins the fight, though Vegeta creates a Power Ball which transforms Raditz into a Great Ape causing Goku to realize he himself was the Great Ape that killed his adoptive grandfather. During the battle, Vegeta transforms into his Great Ape form during Round 2 though it is possible to defeat him in Round 1. Defeating Great Ape Vegeta fixes the anomaly and Goku thanks them for their help.

Beat and Note are both ecstatic due to getting to meet Goku, Vegeta, and the others as well as over their victory over the Saiyans. The game takes place some time after Xeno Trunks’ brief battle with Sealas in the Time Nest shown in the game’s animated opening cutscene.

However, when the antagonists from the virtual game world appear in Hero Town and start wreaking havoc, you have to jump into the game world and team up with famous Dragon Ball characters to restore peace in the real world. See all. View all. Click here to see them.

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They make this game more unique than the others of this kind. The next important aspect of this game is that it lets you create your avatar. This avatar can be created in any way you want. You can make your selection from the menu in the game. You can create your avatar and name it according to your choice. You can easily download the game and install it on your device before you start playing it. Not only the features that are mentioned above in this post, but this game also have so much more to offer.

Download Now. If you still face any problems or want to report any bugs please contact me. Yes, this game is available on all popular gaming platforms including Nintendo Switch as well. This game can be played on different modes including both multiplayer and single-player modes. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Table of Contents. Budokai series. Is it available for Nintendo Switch?




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