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Carbon Copy Cloner is a primary tool used on Mac for data backup and restoration, hard drive copy and clone. When your hard disk goes wrong, you can boot the Mac from your backup and keep working. Now that Carbon Copy Cloner is such an essential tool for Mac users, why do we still write this guide to introduce other similar software?

When you meet the above problems, you can turn to other alternatives to help you complete data backup or restore. Then you can quickly get right back to work.

It is easy and safe to get back any deleted or lost data including image, document, audio, video, email and more. It can recover deleted or lost data from the computer, hard drive, flash drive, removable drives, memory card, etc. Many reasons may cause the data loss on your computer, such as unexpectedly crashed software, computer crashed, wrong formatted drives, unexpectedly operations, partition deleted, virus attack, etc.

However, this all-in-one data recovery software offers you the complete recovery to get all deleted or lost files back. This all-featured data recovery software enables you to scan and find deleted data according to the specific data type and hard disk drive.

The interface is extremely streamlined. You can recover data by selecting the specific data type and hard disk drive. Note: If you can’t find the lost or deleted data, you can click Deep Scan to try again.

Deep Scan will take more time to complete the whole scanning process, but it will offer you all possible results which can be restored. Time Machine is one of the easiest methods of backup. It is easy to set up and use. Once you set it up, Time Machine will automatically take care of everything for you Mac. It is entirely free and simple to use. So we would recommend you use at least one other solution as well. This program is capable of making the fully bootable backup of the entire Mac device.

The UI is simple where all of the available features and tools are arranged in a proper format. Here’s a partial list of devices we’ve received reports of that use Option ROM firmware:. If you are using an external hard drive enclosure or adapter, see whether your enclosure is listed at the bottom of this page as an enclosure that we’ve seen problems with in the past. Also, for good measure, use Disk Utility’s “First Aid” utility to verify and repair any filesystem problems that may be present on the destination volume.

Here are a couple additional steps you can perform to try to get your Mac to “see” your USB device early in the startup process. Lastly, try resetting your Mac’s parameter RAM. PRAM maintains settings related to starting up your Mac, and it’s possible that invalid settings are interfering with your Mac’s discovery of the external enclosure.

To reset your PRAM:. If the volume still won’t boot, it may be impossible for your firmware to detect your enclosure despite that macOS, once booted and having access to far more device drivers, can see the enclosure just fine. If that fails to make the disk bootable, then it definitely isn’t going to happen.

Please report these enclosures to us so we can assemble a list of troublesome enclosures. If your backup volume showed up in the Startup Manager, and you selected it and proceeded with the startup process, but Your Mac doesn’t display the Apple logo e.

This can occur due to hard drive enclosure interference, due to filesystem corruption on the backup volume, or due to the volume being improperly “blessed” blessing a volume stores certain information about the startup files in the volume’s header, and your Mac uses that information to start the boot process. If your Mac still fails to boot from the selected volume, try installing macOS onto the volume to verify its suitability as a startup device. The Apple logo and a progress indicator appears, but the startup process never completes and perhaps the Mac reboots from the internal disk : There may be an extension conflict at play, or a compatibility issue specific to the enclosure.

If your Mac successfully boots from the selected volume, open the Terminal application and paste in the following commands:.

Press the Return key after pasting in each line and authenticate when prompted. Then try again to boot from the same volume without Safe Boot mode. The performance of your Mac while booted from the backup depends almost entirely on the performance of the hardware, and more specifically, the performance of the filesystem on that hardware. If your backup disk is an SSD, you can expect very good performance — comparable to the performance that you get when you boot your Mac from its internal SSD.

If your backup disk is a rotational HDD, then performance will vary from adequate to very poor, depending on the format of the backup volume, the operating system version, and specific performance characteristics of your backup disk. You may find the performance of one of these slower HDDs to be unusable for the purpose of booting your Mac from the backup. This indicates that the macOS cannot load the the startup files, or that it cannot mount the startup disk:.

The most frequent cause for this is an attempt to boot your Mac from an incompatible i. Occasionally this also occurs due to a device driver conflict with the enclosure you are trying to boot from, or due to a firmware compatibility problem between the Mac and the enclosure.

We occasionally see this when trying to boot pre Macs from a USB 3. We also see this more frequently on Yosemite when a critical kernel extension’s code signature is invalid. Again, try installing macOS directly onto the cloned volume while booted in Recovery mode to rule out a compatibility problem with the enclosure.

This message generally appears when the volume you are trying to boot from is full or nearly full. We have received a handful of reports that login is denied despite providing the correct password, and despite that the user accounts database and password storage is copied correctly to the backup volume. You can correct the problem while booted from your production startup volume:. Occasionally the Startup Disk Preference Pane will issue this error without any useful context.

More often than not, the inability of the Startup Disk Preference Pane to change the startup disk is not actually an indication that the volume will not be bootable, rather it simply means that the Startup Disk Preference Pane cannot change the startup disk selection to that particular volume.

We have found a few conditions that will prevent you from making a startup disk selection:. If you boot from an older backup, e. This alternative to Carbon Copy Cloner PC also provides you with task scheduling, enabling you to back up your computer daily, weekly, monthly, etc. At last, click Back up Now to start a backup. Also, it is file sync software and disk cloning software. By the way, if you have other suggestions or encounter some questions while backing up your PC with MiniTool ShadowMaker, please let us know by sending your idea to [email protected] or leaving a comment in the following comment section.

We just sent you an email. Please click the link in the email to confirm your subscription! OK Subscriptions powered by Strikingly. Return to site. Carbon Copy Cloner 4 1 1 Download Free. Data loss is very dangerous specially if its really was an important file. Prevent this from having a permanent loss with a back up solution. The 5. The unique identifier for this app’s bundle is com.

What’s new in 5. Verdict: Powerful, and even easier to use, Carbon Copy Cloner is the backup tool that should be your first port of call should you want to invest in drive-imaging software for your Mac. Quick Navigation :. Make sure the disk space of the target disk is larger than or equal to the actual used disk space of your system disk. Carbon Copy Cloner Mac For That is, all backed up files will be copied and can be viewed directly without a restoration.

We take file backup for an example rather than file sync. Go to the Local backup section. You need to decide what to back up and where to save the backup. Check all the files you need to back up. Click OK to go back to the Backup window. Step 3: Configure Scheduled Backup This alternative to Carbon Copy Cloner PC also provides you with task scheduling, enabling you to back up your computer daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Click the Schedule feature in the bottom left-hand corner of the Backup page.



Carbon copy cloner 4 bootable free

Carbon Copy Cloner has long been one of our go-to applications for creating bootable clones of a Macs’ startup drives. Download Carbon Copy Cloner for Mac to preserve your data and the operating system’s data impeccably on a bootable volume. What You Need to Know. Have you ever wanted a simple, complete, bootable backup of your hard drive? Have you ever wanted to upgrade to.


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